Creative | Ethical | Technical 

By specialising in these three areas, we cover the gamut of opportunity and risk associated with using AI to supercharge your business


We've reached the advent where progressive companies need to have a full-time team member who knows what tools are available, how they impact your business and how you can leverage them to unlock profit and add more value to your clients

Or you can partner with a consultancy that does this, in aggregate and full-time. We have the best designers, AI ethics experts and developer practitioners when it comes to understanding and applying machine learning, large language model training, integration, APIs and bespoke tool development. 

No matter where you want to integrate AI into your business, we reverse engineer exactly what you need. 

Whether measuring product performance, inventory control or brand positioning.

We stack existing, appropriate AI or develop bespoke toolsets for your unique offering.

Whatever your intended outcomes, we assist you in maximising your efficiency and likelihood of achieving them, by helping you navigate the vast and ever-changing world of AI. 

Nextelligence is a central hub, uniquely positioned at the heart of many of the most talented practitioners. They are part of our ecosystem and can help support yours. 

We are all about taking the headache out of your digital transformation.

We integrate smoothly, seamlessly, as frictionlessly and pain-free as possible, so teams are not only inspired but have 'buy-in'. 

Ultimately we help teams feel included and empowered. 

We help you create the ultimate culture by using AI tools to drive a more sustainable human relationship within the organization.

Alignment is key to getting the best out of the tools, teams and unlocking profit at scale.