Phase 1 

We want to provide you with the most value, so we ask questions.

Lots of them... 

This is how we understand the hidden levers that drive your efforts and contribute to or detract from your ambitious goals. 

Once we've have established where value drivers can be supercharged, we tailor training and AI optimisation to help you assist your success and impact.

We work responsively with people to understand culture, challenges, dependencies and open up present and future opportunities. 


Phase 2
Together, we deep-dive appropriate tools, via hands on sessions to build toolset familiarity and ensure good habits are used. 

Shallow quickly moves to in-depth understanding of challenges, from logistical to ethical utility of such tools. 

We consistently reduce the gap between productive use of AI tools and 'anything goes'.  

Phase 3 
We finesse workflows, commercialise AI tool use and optimise the ecosystem of your business or venture. This is bespoke and tied to careful analysis of the risks, rewards and reality of using AI to drive your business further, faster.  


We finish up with an introductory overview of what is possible with Extended Business Transformation under the stewardship of Nextelligence. 


Our outcomes based approach makes organizations more effective and efficient. We also design this to not cost you a penny (in the long run). How? 


We help you unlock profit margin that you already have, you just weren't able to capture. 

If optimisation could realistically add 10% to your net profits what would that look like to your balance?

This is a potentially conservative estimate of the impact AI could have on your business (all businesses / ventures are different). 

We are force multipliers and profit 'un-lockers'. 

We don't want to eat into your profits. If the experience you have with our approach of being reverse engineered from outcome doesn't unlock profit and exponential ROI, then we haven't done our job. 

We do the opposite.

Because we're outcomes based and reverse engineer your desired outcomes, as long as we engage Discovery, and we're empowered by you to truly understand your organisation, systems and culture, not to mention where you want to be and when you want to be there (along with what those particular outcomes are on a granular level), we won't ever fail to prove this.